Friday, June 26, 2009

Hip Nursery Inspiration: Blues & Browns

{bedding John Robshaw, toys by Dreamlets & Dwell Studio available here}

I love this gorgeous baby bedding from Dwell Studio and John Robshaw, the eclectic mix of prints is right up my alley. No longer are we forced to have ordinary baby nurseries, companies like Dwell Studio and Amenity Home are now offering stylish baby bedding and accessories to make your baby's room as stylish as the rest of your modern abode. Being the DIY queen that I am, I often look for ways I can achieve this look on my own as most of these products, as much as I covet them, don't always agree with my wallet. But if you're crafty, you can easily make some of these items your self and the result will be totally unique and one of a kind. Here's how I would do it:

1. Pick a color theme (like the one above). I would choose one main color/colors (like blue or shades of blue), an accent color (brown) and a range of neutrals (cream/tan) to accompany them.

2. Finding your materials: Visit your local fabric store if you have a good one, or you can shop for fabrics online. One of my favorite fabric stores is Purl Soho(and they have a great online store). They carry some great quirky and modern prints from some of my favorite fabric designers like Kokka Fabrics (from Japan) and Amy Butler.

3. Picking your fabrics: When selecting your personalized eclectic mix of fabrics I suggest looking for some key ingredients: 1 large scale print, 1 small scale dense print, 1 print with lots of negative space, and 1 medium scale print. For colors I usually follow the 60/40/10 rule which would be 60% the main color, 40% your secondary color (in this case I would call that your range of neutrals) and 10% your accent color (brown). You can use your accent color for trims on blankets and pillow and for small items like a toy or a small pillow.

{Fabrics from Purl}

4. Items to make vs. buy: I would buy the basic bedding like sheets and dusters as these can be more tricky to make. Blankets and decorative pillows are easy and you can also use your fabrics to make matching stuffed toys (you can find patterns for these or make them up). You can also us a staple gun to stretch fabrics over blank canvases to hang on your wall, which will really tie the room together.

More Bedding and Nursery Inspiration to Come.....

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